Alternative to Wine & Grape Juice for Seder

Dear Rabbi Simon,
I can’t drink wine, and grape juice does not agree with me.  Can I substitute pomegranate juice, or something else, even sparkling water.
Many thanks for answering my question,

Dear Leah,
Under the extenuating circumstances you describe, you may substitute another beverage for that of the grape. (Another option is to dilute grape juice, even as much as 1:1 or more with water, as long as you can still taste the grape.) Coffee, tea (not too hot to sip, however), quality orange juice would be OK.  If pomegranate juice is your absolute favourite, and the other options I mentioned do not appeal, you can drink that too for the “4 cups”.  Sparkling water will totally NOT cut it, however.  Use a glass (or cup) that holds 100cc (3.3 oz) and drink the majority of it.  It is not very much, actually.  Less than many people would imagine.

Rabbi Simon