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Swimming Lessons during the Nine Days

Hi Rabbi Simon. I wanted to ask you about signing up Zev for swimming classes during the 9 days.  There is a summer swim crash course for children happening from July 24th-28th, which happens to be right at the start of the 9 days.  I know there are prohibitions against swimming, but I wanted to […]

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Gender of Moshiach

Dear Rabbi Simon, When Moshiach finally comes, there will inevitably be disputes as to whether he’s genuine.  At what point can we be certain that he has really arrived?  Could Moshiach be a lady? Gaby Dear Gaby, Difficult though it is for us to imagine, in today’s seemingly fractious and contentious Jewish world, Maimonides writes […]

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Non-Jewish Babysitter Warming Food

Hi Rabbi Simon. We are going away for two nights next week (not over Shabbos) and leaving the kids with a non-Jewish babysitter (she works at a Jewish day-care facility, so she’s relatively well versed in the workings of cooked food in a kosher kitchen). I am leaving the kids and her fully cooked food […]

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