How do you trace Jewish roots?

Hi Rabbi I was just wondering about …. How do i find out about my jewish roots in New Zealand. Recently my mother told me that my great grandmother was from spain and was of the jewish faith. I would like to investigate this but dont know where to start. Please help if you can. Thank you

There are books, such as Finding Our Fathers, and now lots of online resources. Also Jewish Genealogical Society.

The London Beth Din has an expert genealogist named Charles Tucker. Call 020 8 343 6270 and ask about getting in touch with him.

However, it is doubtful if your grandmother was actually Jewish, unless her own immediate antecedents were from somewhere other than Spain, as Spain has had very few Jews from 1492 until after WWII. Spaniards with (some) “Jewish blood” yes (possibly including Franco himself), but actual Jews— v. few.

Good luck in your enquires.

rabbi rashi simon