Kosher Ovens???

Dear Rabbi Simon,

We are in the process of buying a new oven and wanted advice on an ideal make/type/what we need to look for to make our lives easier with regards to cleaning, use for milk and meat and opening/use on (shabbat or) yom tov.

Michelle and Michael

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Dear Michelle

Oven: A self-cleaning oven is a good idea, as it provides kashering potential unavailable in a normal oven. Meat and dairy: if used for one, with liquid and uncovered, clean and wait 24 hours before using with the other (unless it is covered). If you use self clean function (which takes about three hours, best done overnight) no waiting is necessary.

Shabbat: This is a bit complicated, as many modern ovens activate lights, icons, etc upon opening. This link is a useful (and thorough) resource for this subject.

Enjoy your new oven and the pleasures that go with it