Loving your neighbour like yourself

Hi Rabbi I was just wondering. "love your neighbour like yourself". Does this apply to a) non jews b) someone who hates you i.e terrorist or Nazi Hope you are well Spencer



Although as Jews we have a duty toward all mankind and recognise the Divine soul within every human (see Avot 3:14), the specific mitzvah to which you refer regards our relations with other Jews specifically. It is like caring about the wellbeing of close family members at a higher level than your concern for another resident of Metropolitan London, another Brit, or another human being. You should care about him/her as well, but you cannot be expected to have the same level of love for that stranger as you have for your next of kin.

Other members of the Jewish faith community (including, of course, converts) are next of kin. Terrorists and Nazis (we hope) are not.