Meat, Milk and Babies

Dear Rabbi Simon,

I have a few (related) questions about whether the meat-milk laws are applicable to babies. My friends with babies are buying highchairs with two trays so I got a bit worried since we bought a normal one with a single tray. I prepared some pureed chicken yesterday for the baby and used an electric mixer to blend it. The chicken was cold when I did that. Is the mixer now to be considered meaty? Same question about his bowls and cutlery, although he always has cold food at the moment.

Many thanks, Rachel

Unknown Object

Dear Rachel,

A high chair with one tray is perfectly adequate. Until the age of two you may give the baby milk after meat, if he (or you) would like it. Until the age of nine, it is sufficient for him to wait one hour between the two.

Blender: Since the chicken was cold, once it is cleaned the blender may be considered parve.

Bowls and cutlery: Even though the baby does not yet eat hot food, it would be proper for you to designate separate bowls, plates, cutlery (even tippy cups) for meat and dairy. If he is eating something parve, you may use either type. There is no need for a separate parve set.