New Koren (Steinsaltz) Talmud


Dear Rabbi Simon,

I was wondering what your "on-the-record" view of the new Koren Talmud was. This promo clip is quite appealing:


Dear Shimon,

It looks impressive, and very attractively produced. The question, of course, is how it will compare in popularity, ease of use, clarity, scholarship and price to Artscroll. The original Steinsaltz Talmud in English, published by Random House, made a big splash when it appeared 25 years ago, but it was quickly eclipsed by Artscroll and its legions of Daf Yomi students. (Ever heard of anyone learning daf yomi with Steinsaltz English?)

However, Koren, which has been around for years producing high-quality Hebrew Judaica, has recently gotten into the English-language market. The Sacks Siddur and forthcoming machzor is a big part of that, BTW. The Modern Orthodox “light touch” of Steinsaltz, while flirting with superficiality, may well find a market, and bring Talmud to an even wider audience. If so, more power to them.

Best Wishes,

Rabbi Rashi Simon