Pesach Q’s

Dear Rabbi,

Can I ask you a few Pesach questions re koshering for Pesach? -I ask this each year and then forget!: how do i kosher drinking glasses for Pesach? -Is it possible to kosher a year round (milky) electric food processor for Pesach milky use? It’s plastic and metal.

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Dear Friend,

Drinking glasses are actually a bit complicated. The best idea is to buy glasses just for Pesach. Nowadays they are not that expensive. If you are unable to do so, you can use the method of soaking them in water for three 24 hour periods, changing the water in between.

Electric Food Processor-

If it was used with flour and similar chametz ingredients, v. difficult to kasher, unless it is taken apart (i.e. by a technician). Probably not worth it, and the bowls and metal parts need to be immersed in boiling water (rolling boil) as well. If only used for fruit and veg, etc., just immerse (or even pour boiling water over removable parts only) and you’re OK.