Shatnez in Rented Suits

Rabbi Simon,

If one rents a (dinner) suit to attend a function, does it have to checked for shatnez? Thanks in advance for the answer. Best regards.


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Dear PhilippeI have looked into this, and it seems that yes, it is necessary to have a garment checked for Shaatnez even if it is only rented for a particular occasion. I have checked with the Shatnez Centre people and they can do an express service (24 hours) though they may charge extra for this. They will of course refrain from attaching their usual label–though it might be useful to have, to save the next customer the need to do the same!

When I graduated high school (many years ago, I can assure you) the firm that rented the tuxedos had a chazakah that their suits had no shatnez, but they were American made, and very few American suits had shatnez at that time. The situation in Europe today is apparently different.

I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards