What does ‘Kesher’ mean?


Dear Rabbi,

I live in Brazil, in a city called Campinas in Sao Paulo state. Although it’s a big city, we have only a small Jewish community. I am beginning my own company in the marketing and communication business. I asked our nearest Rabbi for a Hebrew name and he suggested “Kesher”. He said that in a simple translation it means “connection” or even “link”. Can You tell me more about this name and do You think it could be appropriated?

Thank You for your attention. Best regards, Carlos Tahin


Dear Carlos

First, let me wish you much success with your new venture.

Kesher means a knot, connection, or link. The modern Hebrew word for communication (tikshoret) is derived from the word Kesher as well.

We chose it because it is easy to spell and pronounce, and it hints to connecting Jewish people to their heritage and to one another.

You are welcome to use the name. You can even link to our website if you like…

Best wishes

rabbi rashi simon