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Seudah Shlishit (The Third Meal)

This is held on Shabbat afternoon at Kesher following Mincha. This meal generally comprises challah, dips, herring, salmon, crisps and drinks. Sponsorship opportunities are available at the level of £75 per week and are a great way to mark a small occasion.

Guest speakers are also welcome!

Kiddush Sponsorship

Standard Kiddush includes cake, cholent OR kugel, herring, crackers, crisps, sweets and drinks. Whisky donation of your choice – is optional.
Other popular Kiddush options/add-ons include sushi, falafel, meaty cholent, ice cream, cream pastries, chocolate rugelach, handmade birthday cakes…
For these and any other ideas please contact Rebbetzin Ruthie on 07500 116 975 to discuss your customised Kiddush.


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If you would like Rabbi Rashi Simon to speak at your event please do get in touch with the Office to organise the arrangements necessary.

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Giving is an act so simple that we can take it for granted. At Kesher everyone is dealt with personally.

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As an important part of our giving ethos, the Kesher community always strive to include others in programs and events. If you have someone that you would like to honour someone special to you by offering your spiritual support, that would be great. The Office is open to taking your instructions as to what and when this would be best.

Give in memory

It is common practice in Jewish circles to uplift the spiritual wellbeing of souls by giving in memory of a loved one. Whatever the occasion represents to each of of individually, the act of donating in someone’s merit attains long lasting effects. Please take note to mention relevant details in the appropriate section on the form.



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Questions & Answers
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Questions and Answers

Ask the Rabbi: Easy as א-ב-ג?
Dear Rabbi Simon,
I hope you fasted well yesterday.
Thank you for the insights into the Kinnot, making them easier to understand.
In the afternoon, I was listening to a shiur on Eichah on Torahanytime.  As an aside, the speaker mentioned that the 1st perek of Eichah is the source for the order of the alef bet as we know it.  Other chapters also follow the alef bet chronology but with ayin en peh interchanged.
He quoted Rabbi Shimon Schwab as his source.
Although he did not elaborate on this, surely Sefer Tehillim predates Megillat Eichah by centuries.  Several psalms are written in the alef bet order (e.g.
psalm 119).
Can you please clarify?
Thank you & best wishes.
PhilippeHi Philippe
TY for your sophisticated Q.
I have also heard that the question of the sequence of samekh and 'ayin is subject to dispute. It seems that there are indications that in Paleo-Hebrew the order is reversed from what we know. It is alleged that chapters 2, 3 and 4 of Eichah (chapter 5 is not alphabetical) reflect the original order. Of course, as you say, ch 1 conforms to the order with which we are family.
You are right that Tehillim predates Eichah, however a critic can claim that the order was redacted to bring it in line with the accepted/preferred sequence. This is particularly true for ch. 119, where each of the 8 vv per letter are their own group, and each set of 8 vv. can easily be repositioned. The question is in Ps. 34 or 145, if the internal logic of the passage sheds light on the correct sequence. In Ps. 34, some claim that the v. starting with the letter peh makes more sense to follow the verse starting with samekh (due to the common appearance of the word ra'). I am not convinced that this argument is compelling.
I will stick with the mesorah, that 'ayin belongs before peh. Best to look before speaking.
Rabbi Rashi Simon
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