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Dear Rabbi Simon,
We are making a sheva berakhot in the garden this evening – if it does not rain. There are three separate tables that will not come near each other.
But  I feel that the cup of wine which is passed around to 7 different people for the Blessings at the end is a weak link, since a) people hold it b) people say a berakhah aloud over it. The germ potential makes me uneasy. I am trying to think of a solution to this.
Do people need to hold the cup of wine – or even have it in front of them when they say the berakhah?
Can one person say all 7?  Or at least a few  – then I would just give all berakhot to the table which has the family of chosson and kallah who have been with each other all week anyway….
Any advice you can give would be much appreciated!
Kol tuv,

Dear Baruch
TY for your interesting and practical question.
The answer is that there is no need to pass the cup around. It is nice if those who say the berachot can see the kos. Or one or two people can say them all. All acceptable options. Mazal tov!
Rabbi Rashi Simon

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Ask the Rabbi: Quinoa on Pesach
Dear Rabbi Simon,
Where do you stand on quinoa (and the kitniyot ban) for Pesach?
Many thanks,
Dear Tzippy,
In line with other American authorities, I am in favour of quinoa. Although I reject completely the voices (mostly from Israel) seeking to abolish the ban on kitniyot entirely, IMO we do not need to include in the prohibition pseudo-grains that were unknown in the Old World until modern times. Best to buy with a Pesach hechsher though, to be free of any possible wheat contamination.
Rabbi Rashi Simon
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