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Dear Rabbi Simon.
Can I order something on Friday if it will be delivered by Saturday. Context: Amazon one day delivery. Also, if the delivery comes on Shabbos and is left outside, can you bring it in the house?
Many thanks,

Dear Mandy,
If you have a choice, better to avoid scheduling a delivery on Shabbos. But if Amazon chooses to deliver then for their own reasons, you are not required to postpone the order. The reason is that the delivery man is acting at the behest of his employer, rather than at your instruction. Note that there may still be issues of muktzeh and of course signing for the parcel. It is best for the delivery agent to put the parcel down in the house, rather than your taking it from him directly.
Regarding bringing the parcel into the house, I would tend to regard it as muktzeh (ie forbidden to handle on Shabbos). Move it with your foot, if necessary.
Best wishes
Rabbi Rashi Simon

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Ask the Rabbi: Quinoa on Pesach
Dear Rabbi Simon,
Where do you stand on quinoa (and the kitniyot ban) for Pesach?
Many thanks,
Dear Tzippy,
In line with other American authorities, I am in favour of quinoa. Although I reject completely the voices (mostly from Israel) seeking to abolish the ban on kitniyot entirely, IMO we do not need to include in the prohibition pseudo-grains that were unknown in the Old World until modern times. Best to buy with a Pesach hechsher though, to be free of any possible wheat contamination.
Rabbi Rashi Simon
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